Dying: A Memoir by Cory Taylor

Dying: A Memoir

Dying: A Memoir


ISBN: 9781925355772


If you like contemplating what it is you're even DOING HERE, you'll like this book. I'm notoriously afraid of death and like the good Buddhist that I'm not, I try to immerse myself in all things death in order to prepare myself for the inevitable.

She found it cathartic to write down her thoughts in order to process her own death. I found it cathartic to read them.


You'll be able to relate to her stories about family entanglements and her ability to acknowledge the "sweetness" of life. It's satisfying to read her recollections of memories and to understand that even the worst moments of your life carry some tenderness. Nothing that happens in life should be discounted.


Straight up, this shit is depressing. A lot of people don't like being forced into this space, but there was a lot of solace in her words.

Quotes from Dying: A Memoir:

"We don't do that walk anymore. I'm frightened I'll fall and break something. Nor do I ride my bike along there, another pleasure gone. How I'd love to pack the car and head off to some deserted beach for a swim. But I weigh less than my neighbor's retriever. I'd never make it past the first break. And so it goes, the endless list of pleasures I can no longer enjoy. Pointless to miss them of course, as that won't bring them back, but so much sweetness is bound to leave a terrible void when it's gone. I'm only grateful I tasted so much of it when I had a chance. I have had a blessed life in that way, full of countless delights. When you're dying, even your unhappiest memories can induce a sort of fondness, as if delight is not confined to the good times, but is woven through your days like a skein of gold thread."

"A bucket list implies a lack, a store of unfulfilled desires or aspirations, a worry that you haven't done enough in life. It suggest that more experience is better, whereas the opposite might equally be true. I don't have a bucket list because it comforts me to remember the things I have done, rather than hanker after the things I haven't done. Whatever they are, I figure they weren't for me, and that gives me a sense of contentment, a sort of ballast as I set out on my very last trip."

Do you embrace death or go screaming in the other direction?


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