About Me

This is not your typical book blog. I love books. I hate book reviews.


Did I say I love books?  And I’m pretty good at recommending them.


It’s not rare for me to hear from someone I haven’t talked to in a year, just so they can ask me what to read.*


What’s my point? Well, I decided to create a book review blog where I GET TO THE POINT (so you can actually read instead of reading a book review!)


I’ll give you a synopsis, tell you what you’ll love, what you might find meh and even a thing or two about what you can stay away from. I have broken the reviews down into specific categories so genres are easier to find. I won’t bog you down with fantasy books or weird, paranormal romance novels (that shit is real!).


I love most non-fiction, memoirs, history, true crime, and science. I love reading about cultural issues and anything that, I guess, would be considered to be self-help. I read some fiction, but it’s not going to be some Harry Potter jazz or YA. If you love that stuff, cool, it’s just not my thing.


You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Leave me comments, tell me what you love, tell me what you hate. I’m here for you.



*I realize that this sounds like maybe people don’t really like me and that they’re using me for my AWESOME BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS. If this is the case, so be it, but I am pretty cool. I promise.

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